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Oct 08, 2014

COMMUNICATION skills are essential in every industry both internally and externally. They are especially important when dealing with customers, whether attracting new ones or retaining existing clients.

Knowing how to make and keep customers happy can stimulate business growth and positively impact on profitability.

Through training and development, companies can ensure employees are up to date with new strategies and practices on finding and keeping customers for future business and defusing potentially difficult situations.

Marketing academics have studied the importance of communication with clients by looking at customer satisfaction, customer delight and customer retention.

If businesses are to retain customers they must first satisfy them and then delight them.

Customer satisfaction is created by giving the customer a positive experience either by the product or service. Customer delight is going beyond expectations which leads the customer to think they will not get a better service anywhere else. This in turn triggers customer retention.

Training courses such as the Chamber’s Delighting Your Customers teaches participants the power of word of mouth, recognising customers’ expectations and how to manage complaints.

By communicating and developing a two-way relationship between businesses and customers, customers can play a vital part in developing a company’s success and customer base.

This is why it is important to learn how to deliver the best customer service be it face to face or over the telephone.

Customer retention training courses enable participants to learn different strategies to keep existing clients and enable them to stay loyal to the firm. These strategies can be applied to their specific needs.

However, customer dissatisfaction can be detrimental to businesses especially if they do not know how to handle difficult customers.

By teaching business owners and employees how to transform a negative situation into a positive one for a dissatisfied customer, companies can stand a higher chance of avoiding bad word of mouth and a stronger probability of promoting customer excellence.

After all, we are living in a world where we are more connected than ever and customer reviews are having an increasingly vital role in securing new business.

This reinforces the importance of training individuals to help deal with difficult customers to ensuring their continued business with the company. It is essential to leave a good impression with customers so let’s all show we care… by talking with them. 

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