College pledges ‘Offer Guarantee’ to students

Aug 19, 2020

Milton Keynes College

STUDENTS waiting on GCSE results in the hope of studying at Milton Keynes College are being guaranteed a place, whatever happens tomorrow (Thursday).  

While the crisis around marking appears to have been resolved, many young people will still be worried about their futures after the chaotic end to their school lives in lockdown.

Milton Keynes College is making an ‘Offer Guarantee’ to prospective students who have already applied.

College group principal and chief executive Dr Julie Mills said: “We know people are frantic with worry about their futures. It is a great relief for everyone that the grading situation has improved but a lot of potential students are obviously worried about what the next step for them will be.  

Dr Julie Mills, chief executive and group principal at Milton Keynes College.

“With the disease still disrupting our daily lives and a significant recession just beginning, we wanted to calm the fears of as many people as we could.  Everyone who has already applied to study with us after their GCSEs is now guaranteed a place.  

“Not everyone will necessarily be on their course at the level they originally applied for but they will be eligible for education or training to start them off on the road towards the career they want and deserve.  

“What I can assure everyone is that decisions will be based on individual cases and not by results on a page.”

Students at Milton Keynes College.

With all the uncertainty caused by this year’s pandemic and the employment problems which are forecast, Dr Mills says it is vital that young people and their parents know they are being supported.

“School students may be considerably less vulnerable to the virus than their elders but in economic and social terms they have probably been the hardest hit of all,” she added.

“The people waiting nervously for Thursday’s results have already been robbed of the big finish to their school careers and see a rapidly contracting jobs market blighting their futures. Put simply, they deserve a break and we want to give them one.  We believe every 16-year-old deserves hope for their futures. 

 “We are part of the community of Milton Keynes and that community needs our help. That is why we are doing this.”

Anyone who has already applied will be sent an email on Thursday with details of what they should do next.  If they are considering college for the first time or just seeking advice they are invited to come to one of our Advisory Days which will run from tomorrow (August 20) until September 2.

Milton Keynes College to receive almost £1m government funding

THE GOVERNMENT has awarded Milton Keynes College almost £1 million to upgrade its facilities and buildings.

This funding is part of a major £1.5 billion investment that will transform colleges across the country over the next five years.

The college will receive £954,448 as part of the initial cash boost which is being fast-tracked to ensure students and staff can benefit from the improvements as soon as possible.

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, said: “This is fantastic news for MK College which will help future-proof their buildings and digital infrastructure.

“The college already does a wonderful job providing skills and training to young people all across MK and it’s more important now than ever that we continue to support them in doing so.”

MPs Ben Everitt (right) and Iain Stewart.

Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, added: “This is yet another investment into further and higher education in MK by the government.

“As we upskill our workforce post-Covid we will need excellent places of learning and this grant will help MK College continue its good work.” 

Last year MK College was selected to set up one of the 20 Institutes of Technology, which will be based at the historic Bletchley Park.

Institutes of Technology will specialise in delivering high-quality higher technical education and training in STEM subjects, such as digital, advanced manufacturing and engineering.

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