City to run first pilot project for Green Deal energy initiative

Jun 07, 2012


Home owners in the city will be among the first in the UK to take out loans from the Green Bank, set up by ministers to enable residents to make their homes more energy-efficient.
Cllr Brian White, who chairs the United Sustainable Energy Agency based at Knowlhill, is to outline how the scheme will work at a breakfast event hosted by technology forum Biztech. He will be working closely with the Department of Energy.
During his time as MP for Milton Keynes North East until the last general election, Mr White pushed the Private Energy Bill through Parliament, which culminated in the Sustainable Energy Act.
He says that the Green Deal could provide an important boost to local tradespeople if they register as official Green Deal suppliers.
The Green Bank initiative aims to lend money to homeowners to improve their property’s energy usage. As the occupant pays their energy bills to suppliers, the loans are gradually paid off by the energy companies. When the occupier moves, the loan remains with the property and the new resident picks up the payments.
Cllr White, a former chair of the National Energy Foundation and currently deputy Mayor of Milton Keynes, said: “Ensuring Milton Keynes tradesmen receive revenue by installing energy efficiency improvements is vital to lifting the local economy over the next ten years.
"We want to register local electricians, plumbers and gasmen as Green Deal suppliers so the business generated through loans from the Green Bank, go straight into the local economy. If large companies with head offices elsewhere were used for these installations, money would flow out of the area.”
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