City ranks with the best in UK’s tech top 10

Aug 14, 2017

The index, published by the Open Data Institute and the Digital Catapult, measures current activity and potential for innovation in seven technology sectors in 36 UK cities.

It looks at tech events, scientific publications and data on local skills, business start-up rates, and research and development spending, to show where British innovation is flourishing. The index aims to help business and government in their decision-making around investment and growth.

Milton Keynes ranks even higher in the ‘data’ category – sixth in the country and ahead of Oxford, Cambridge and other cities well known for their technology excellence.

Miltpn Keynes Council leader Cllr Pete Marland pictured said: “Yet again Milton Keynes’ potential is recognised at a national level by independent experts. MK’s smart city credentials are enviable, from driverless pods to the Internet of Things, which uses smart data to make everyday tasks easier.”

The council is a lead partner in the MK:Smart consortium and Cllr Marland recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with global tech giants Huawei to continue to develop modern, innovative ways of making people’s lives better. 

“It is just one way we will keep Milton Keynes at the forefront of smart thinking and job creation,” he said. 

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