City Deal could create 70,000 jobs, says council

Oct 29, 2012


The scheme aims to encourage innovative approaches to creating jobs, boosting the local economy and improving local infrastructure.
The first phase of City Deals earlier this year involved the ‘Core Cities’ – Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield.
Now Milton Keynes has been invited to be part of Wave 2 of the City Deals programme, which includes cities which are well placed to deliver significant economic benefits to the UK; helping the whole country recover from the recession through local growth.
City Deals is a competitive programme. Being named in Wave 2 invites Milton Keynes Council to set out what should be part of a unique Milton Keynes Deal in order to deliver jobs and growth.
Milton Keynes’ proposals are expected to show how up to 70,000 new jobs could be created by 2026, provided its City Deal allows greater financial freedom and local control. The council will also argue hard that more of the financial benefits of increased business growth should be retained locally to support greater investment in the economy and jobs.
Milton Keynes is already on track to take more control of its local growth agenda after the government last month agreed the transfer of land, assets and responsibilities from the Homes and Communities Agency to Milton Keynes Council in a deal which will make the council the sole planning authority in Milton Keynes. 
Council leader Cllr Andrew Geary said: “Once again Milton Keynes has been rightly recognised as an economic powerhouse. We have pushed hard for Milton Keynes to be involved in City Deals and I very much welcome this opportunity to work in partnership with the government and with local enterprise partners on our proposals. 
“We will be wholly ambitious and innovative in our bid as it is what Milton Keynes deserves. Under the right conditions we can create up to 70,000 jobs over the next 12-15 years. 
"Any deal should recognise that making Milton Keynes even more attractive as a business location must come with additional benefits. We will negotiate hard with government as we will not want to strike a deal unless it delivers what we believe is best for Milton Keynes.”
Wave 2 cities will be invited to submit proposals to ministers during 2013. 
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