City champion relishes connectivity partnership opportunity

Aug 17, 2020

A NEWLY agreed partnership will see a specialist provider of telephony and internet connectivity in Milton Keynes lead the way in bringing Gigabit speeds to businesses and organisations across the city.

Boxx Communications is working in partnership with CityFibre as a City Champion for Milton Keynes. 

The company will ensure that businesses and service organisations in the town are aware of, and have access to, the full fibre network that has been built by CityFibre

A 5Gbps CityFibre connection has already been installed at Milton Keynes University Hospital to support the digital transformation of services, provide fast internet access to more than 5,500 staff and ensure that future plans to extend services can be implemented.

Boxx is now ready to help other businesses and services in Milton Keynes take advantage of CityFibre’s full fibre speeds. Dean Burgin, co-owner of Boxx, believes that this is an ideal time to invest in modern, future-proof internet connectivity. 

“The last few months have been a challenge for everyone but the potential for Milton Keynes to flourish is huge and CityFibre’s full fibre offering can give businesses the streamlined connectivity they need to take full advantage of modern digital services and compete effectively,” he said.

“As a CityFibre City Champion, we are equipped and eager to help businesses do that and gain a real competitive edge as they look to bounce back after the Coronavirus pandemic and build strong, sustainable businesses.”

The new full fibre connection means that Milton Keynes University Hospital can run all its cloud-based applications remotely and deliver fast wi-fi connection across the hospital.

“The new full fibre connection has made a huge difference to the way we work,” said head of IT Ollie Chandler. “We have more than enough capacity to accommodate our future plans. Boxx did an excellent and highly professional job and worked effectively with our team in record timeframes.

“The service is already enabling real change and helping us to support MKUH in delivering high-quality patient care services.”

CityFibre’s head of wholesale, Andrew Wilson, said: “Boxx Communications is one of a select number of City Champions across the UK that CityFibre is backing to deliver a digital transformation for businesses and fuel growth and investment in their local economy through full fibre.

“Boxx has a clear passion and commitment to putting CityFibre at the heart of its proposition, which in turn is helping businesses in their local community to thrive by unlocking their digital potential. 

“This is an exciting partnership and one that’s helping to change the digital landscape in Milton Keynes and across the UK.”

Businesses in Milton Keynes will benefit hugely from the roll-out of the CityFibre infrastructure,” said Mr Burgin. 

“To drive effective digital transformation you need fast, reliable future-proof connectivity. That is exactly what we can deliver with CityFibre’s full fibre network. At Boxx, we share CityFibre’s passion for a truly digital Britain and we are committed to working closely with them to deliver the very best connectivity services to our customers.”

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