China targets county’s expertise

Jul 01, 2008

The group, from South-West China, visited the Chamber on a trip organised by Richard Yin, of China Business Link.

The party is in the UK to explore business opportunities and is particularly interested in purchasing high-technology products and expertise.

It has enlisted the help of the Chamber, which has a track record of working with Chinese businesses, to help it make contact with suitable British businesses.

The Chinese delegation hails from a coal-mining area and is looking at sourcing expertise on products that can be made from by-products of the mining industry.

Stephen James (pictured), head of business development at the Chamber, said: “We have a very strong research base in this area which means we are in a good position to help our Chinese visitors source the expertise and products they are seeking.

“Add to this the area’s long history and experience in manufacturing and it is clear that this is a great area for the party to start investigating opportunities.”

Mr James added: “There are potentially millions of pounds worth of opportunities for local business. China is a market UK business cannot afford to ignore and we want to ensure that businesses in Bedfordshire and Luton are first in line to make the most of the superb opportunities.

“”We have a great model in the shape of TradeArc Polska, which has helped a number of businesses make the most of emerging opportunities in Poland and Eastern Europe. Now we want to replicate this success in China.””

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