Charter Day marks OU’s 44th anniversary

Apr 24, 2013


The event brought together staff, students and invited guests from business and public services to mark the day the university was bestowed its Royal Charter and came into existence 44 years ago.
It was a day to both review the years past and look forward to the future of the OU.
The celebration also heralded the launch of the Students’ Charter, developed jointly by the university and the OU Students Association.
The charter, setting out the responsibilities expected of both parties in terms of values and working together, is designed to allow students to achieve their full potential.
In his speech at the event, vice-chancellor Martin Bean said that over the years the OU still upheld its same original values, even amid the recent changes and challenges in higher education.
He said: “Today we mark our university’s 44th birthday and we remember the awarding of our Royal Charter. But more than that, we remember 44 years of teaching, learning, researching and evolving. 44 years of regularly achieving the improbable, the incredible and the seemingly impossible. 44 years in which we proved, time and time again, that we are the innovative university, that we are the supportive university and that we are, and always will be, the Open University.”
The day included a question and answer session with four OU Alumni, talking about their study experience and their advice to newcomers.
Later students and guests, including OU staff, browsed more than 35 stalls at the University Showcase, covering aspects from the history of the OU and its archives to a cross-section of faculties and future developments.
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