DoodleDoo donates at least 10% of the purchase price to a customer-chosen registered charity and there are around 1,600 images on the site – with more being added all the time – so there’s a card for any occasion all year round.

And as the vast majority are not specific to an event, birthday for example, customers can choose an image that would suit the recipient much more and add their personalised messages.

Local charities listed include:

ME Association

Brain Tumour Research

Medical Detection Dogs

Cats Protection

Works For Us

National Museum of Computing


Aspley Guise PTA

Willen Hospice

DoodleDoo founder Glenn Wynsor said: "If you celebrate Christmas, the chances are that you have purchased charity Christmas cards. 

"But why do charity cards only appear at Christmas? Why aren’t we supporting charities all year round, especially when over a billion greetings cards are sold every year in the UK? 

"That seemed like a missed opportunity to us and so DoodleDoo was born."

As the festive season nears, it is a great time to promote DoodleDoo and its good work to consumers and business with corporate Christmas cards.

Printed cards are having a resurgence after losing out to e-mail cards for a while and DoodleDoo offers a bespoke service where logo and signature images are added to the chosen card with their own Christmas message and sent direct to the recipient list; taking the whole job off the company’s desk – a great time saver.

All prices for both consumers and business include 1st class postage.

Charities with their own images have a platform to set up a gallery to attract the ‘artist’ royalties too – doubling the potential for a brand new income stream.

For larger charities there is the opportunity of having their own-branded cards fundraising site powered by DoodleDoo so all the hard work is done and the Charity takes a percentage of all sales. 

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