Charity offers flats to young workers seeking affordable home

Feb 24, 2018

The charity has several studio flats available at its complex in Central Milton Keynes for young people aged 18-34 and is keen to talk to employers who have young people in training, undertaking apprenticeships or in low paid work.

The studio flats are unfurnished but offer a bed-sitting room, a small kitchen and bathroom and have a private balcony

YMCA Milton Keynes housing manager Kathy Howard said: “We know how difficult it can be for people starting out in work to find affordable accommodation in Milton Keynes and we are keen to help where we can.

“Young people in low paid positions may not appreciate that they might qualify for working tax credits, housing benefit and other support to help them with their rent and living costs.

"We can offer them advice and support them to apply for this help, if it will assist them secure their first tenancy.”

For more information, telephone YMCA Milton Keynes on 01908 295600 or email [email protected].

  • YMCA Milton Keynes is an independent local charity that has provided supported accommodation for young single people in Milton Keynes since 1981. Currently the charity has 23 short-stay beds in its emergency hostel and 123 flats for longer stay residents.  
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