Charity lifeline as groups share £300,000 after appeal

May 27, 2020

DOZENS of small community groups providing vital support to those hardest hit by the impact of Covid 19 have shared £300,000 in grants – just when it was needed the most.

Thanks to businesses and individuals who responded to the MK Community Foundation Appeal, the money came into the coffers quickly and was distributed equally rapidly.

“We are able to do this because of the long-standing relationships that we have developed with most community groups applying for the funding. This means we can assess need, the suitability of the idea and ensure that the support is being delivered to those who are most vulnerable,” said Milton Keynes Community Foundation’s chief executive Ian Revell. 

Ian Revell, chief executive of Milton Keynes Community Foundation.

MK Community Foundation’s Emergency Appeal has £100,000 reallocated from existing fundholders and received a £50,000 top-up from Milton Keynes Council. The rest has been raised by the fund campaigners who hope to reach £400,000 be the end of June.

“It is not over-stating matters to say that for many people the work of these small community groups and charities is life-changing but it is hard for them to divert their efforts over to fund-raising when what they need to be doing is taking action in support,” said Mr Revell.

“This is where Milton Keynes Community Foundation comes in. We have the resources to campaign, create awareness and react very quickly to requests for help.”

Among the 66 groups to benefit from a grant are: 

MK Melting Pot, which works to develop essential citizenship, social and work skills in unemployed and disadvantaged people from deprived areas. As a direct result of the funding that MK Melting Pot received, the group’s Covid-19 Hot Meal Feeding programme service was born. 

Working with parish offices, a list of 60 high priority local families was compiled and those households now receive hot meals for every member of the family three times a week, with drivers waiting to ensure that the food and provisions are received safely. 

Find out more about their story here.

Another local community group who have benefited from the emergency appeal funding is Mind BLMK, whose aim is to ensure that no one has to face a mental health challenge alone, were able to commit to a daytime phoneline for ongoing emotional wellbeing support, sometimes as much as daily, for anyone in their community. 

Find out more about their story here

“Sadly there is still much to be done,” said Mr Revell. “Although lockdown has been eased, the challenges remain for the small community groups and we need more donations so we can help the excellent Milton Keynes community groups to thrive, respond and monitor.”

Any donation to the Community Foundation’s Emergency Appeal will go directly back into the community and to the local groups working to help some of the most vulnerable people at this time. 

To make a donation, click here.

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