Chambers call on businesses to complete survey on the economy

Sep 01, 2013


The purpose of the survey is to get an overview of the areas’ economy and fully understand the issues faced by local companies.
It will ask firms for feedback and their experiences of Q3 of 2013, looking at recruitment, domestic and international sales, investment, cashflow, business concerns and more.
The survey should take less than five minutes to complete and can be completed by members and non-members of the Chamber.
In fact, the business community is encouraged to share and circulate a link to the survey to their professional contacts to enable Milton Keynes and Bedfordshire Chambers to obtain a more accurate snapshot of the local economy.
Each Chamber in the British Chambers of Commerce network carries out the Quarterly Economic Survey and all of the regional results are fed through to the BCC and then passed on to national government and the Monetary Policy Committee, providing them with an accurate national economic overview.
This national QES is the largest business survey of its kind and is widely used by the media and politicians alike to gain an overall picture of the UK economy and the issues facing businesses.
It is also used by the Bank of England to influence the MPC on interest rate decisions and informs the Chancellor ahead of the Autumn Statement and Budget announcements.
The survey is now live and will remain open until September 16. To complete the survey, visit You will be required to enter a Chamber ID number in order to access the survey.
The Milton Keynes Chamber ID number is 83. 
Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce members can complete the survey using Chamber ID number 71
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