Chamber support packages help small firms to thrive

Nov 29, 2015

MILTON Keynes is a fantastic place to do business. We knew that before the Centre for Cities report earlier this year, which placed Milton Keynes second in the country for the number of start-ups launched.

Milton Keynes is a great launch pad for start-ups and small businesses because it has an environment that allows them to thrive.

It is an innovative, dynamic place to do business, somewhere in which firms can access highly skilled workers.

This is proved by the Chamber’s latest Quarterly Economic Survey results, which show that all the businesses questioned stated that they expect their workforce in the fourth quarter of 2015 either to remain the same or to expand.

Milton Keynes’ geographic location and fantastic transport links to the South East and East Midlands also means it is the destination of choice for new companies.

It continually attracts an influx of national and international businesses that have chosen to make their home here – many are Chamber members – PwC, Domino’s Pizza, Aston Martin Works to name but a few.

The Centre for Cities report found that overall job creation in Milton Keynes is the highest in the UK, with 24,400 new jobs created between 2004 and 2013, a phenomenal rise of 18.2%.

The latest Vital Signs publication from Milton Keynes Community Foundation states that Milton Keynes is 51% faster at creating jobs than the national average and is 22% more enterprising than the national average.

The Centre for Cities report also revealed that the city ranked sixth for its density of small and medium-sized enterprises (based on the number of SMEs per 10,000 population), indicating strong economic success, and second for highest proportion of high-tech and digital enterprises, with more than one in six SMEs in our economy operating in the digital sector.

It also featured in the top ten places with the highest proportion of SMEs in professional services.

The findings correlate with our Chamber membership base – another acknowledgement that we are a fantastic representation of the local business landscape.

SMEs play a huge part in driving growth and economic prosperity and Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce is committed to assisting small businesses and new entrepreneurs through our package of support measures. 

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