Speaking at the Chamber’s annual general meeting, Mr Muir (pictured) called for support from stakeholders, partners and members to build the Chamber brand but warned this would take time.

He said: “The Chamber brand is internationally recognised and is the one brand that can correlate with the growth of Milton Keynes and North Bucks. We need to encourage everyone to provide input and we need to work with the membership to decide what the Chamber should look like in the years ahead.”

While the Chamber movement was some 400 years old, the local Chamber was founded only 25 years ago. Mr Muir said: “We have to leap ahead in the next ten to 15 years to establish Milton Keynes and North Bucks Chamber with all the resources that the older Chambers have and more. At the same time we must create, stimulate and sustain an entrepreneurial environment within Milton Keynes.

“We are trying to get the right combination, in discussion with with other agencies and our partners, so we can focus on the wealth generation that pays for everything.””

Linda Mansfield, managing director of Events In Business, was elected as a director of the Chamber at the meeting. Graham Anderson has become vice president.

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