Chairman criticises government’s levy plan to fund broadband network

Apr 07, 2010


Chancellor Alastair Darling announced the controversial plan in his Budget last month.
Although industry providers agree with the development of Britain as a leading digital nation, critics argue that businesses cannot wait until the government’s 2017 target for reliable national super fast broadband.
Fredi Nonyelu (pictured), founder and chief executive of Briteyellow and chair of Biztech, said: “The immediate challenge is to ensure that businesses in poorly served areas benefit from consistent high speed service, as part of the economic recovery.
“There is a huge amount of frustration among businesses that experience slow connectivity, even though competitors in neighbouring areas are benefitting from a super fast service. 

“In an increasingly competitive market place businesses are looking at efficiencies and customer focus. Consistent super fast broadband connectivity is business critical in a world where consumers, suppliers, as well as business partners demand instant access to key data and systems.”

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