Nov 25, 2021
Snack firms complete acquisition deal
LAWYERS in Milton Keynes have played their part in the acquisition of the company that manufactures Sun Valley snacks by another leading snack and confectionery business. Zertus UK, which produces brands
Oct 30, 2021
When a settlement bid is not a sign of weakness
Sponsored Article In almost all cases, commercial mediation rather than recourse to the courts is the preferable solution to a legal dispute. Peter Kelly and Fiona Hewitt, partners at Neves Solicitors,
Oct 30, 2021
Smooth the path when it is time to part company
Sponsored Article Nikita Shergill, an employment solicitor at Wilson Browne Solicitors, explains why a settlement agreement can be the answer in order to avoid costly and time-consuming tribunal proceedings. FURLOUGH has ended

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