Aug 29, 2007
Our green and pleasant land
THE definition of woodland in the United Kingdom forestry statistics is land under stands of trees with a canopy cover of at least 20 per cent (or having the
Jul 04, 2007
English Heritage can save our centre
I COULDN’T write this column about the changes to Central Milton Keynes without looking at the proposed developments at thecentre:mk. It is a unique building, not only architecturally but
Jul 04, 2007
The bureaucrats haven’t a clue
THERE were two articles in the May edition of Business MK which I think deserve a response.MP Dr Phyllis Starkey believes that business should do more to champion the
Jul 04, 2007
Proposals remain key for the future of the city
In a statement, Mr Weymouth said: "Whilst obviously disappointed with having to take this course of action, we would like to reiterate that as long-term investors in Milton Keynes
Jul 04, 2007
University is high on our agenda
MILTON Keynes Partnership Committee brings together Milton Keynes Council, English Partnerships, Local Strategic Partnership representatives from health, community and the business sectors and independent representation. Our role is to
Jul 01, 2007
Please seize the opportunity
I AM WRITING this column with about five minutes to go before it has to be sent to printers. The reason? Well about an hour ago I learned that
Jun 07, 2007
Fears grow on Translink’s future
The Chamber board was dismayed at the "unquestionably adverse consequences" on Luton’s economic prosperity should such a decision materialise. Their views have been echoed by businesses across the area,
Jun 01, 2007
Don’t force out professional firms
I AM aware that my column in Business MK has recently been a lot to do with trees, and saving them, and not a lot about business, the raison
May 02, 2007
Business must do more in growth debate, says MP
Speaking at a lunch hosted by the Institute of Directors’ Milton Keynes branch, Dr Starkey said that expansion was a huge opportunity but there was too much concentration on
May 01, 2007
The changing face of our city landscape
ISOBEL McCall is the current leader of Milton Keynes Council and, I’m certain, a woman of the very highest integrity who would never knowingly deceive. An e-mail she recently

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