Casino operator begins trials of virtual hosts

Feb 05, 2014


Operator Grosvenor Casinos is looking to install the Virtual Assistant Ultra at several sites across the country in the next few months and has chosen the Luton casino to test the idea and customers’ feedback.
The Virtual Assistant Ultra has been created by Milton Keynes-based customer journey specialist Tensator. Its link-up with Grosvenor Casinos is the firm’s first with the UK gaming industry.
Meet ‘Lisa’, who has already begun to greet customers at the G Casino.
She also provides information on Grosvenor’s Live Casino – the latest product to launch online at – general gaming information, details on special events and alerts to food and drink offers.
Tensator’s head of media and technology Ajay Joshi said: “When we first met with Grosvenor Casinos it was clear that the team was looking for an innovative way to showcase the variety of gaming and leisure options that their venues offer.
"The Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra provides the perfect solution to literally bring that message to life.”
With a footprint of 50cm x 50cm, the Tensator Virtual Assistant Ultra has been designed for locations such as casinos where space is often be at a premium. Its slim-line design means it can be moved to almost any position within the venue, helping to target different customer groups. 
Grosvenor Casinos head of promotions and merchandising Kelly Hailou said: “We were looking for something different that could clearly communicate messages to customers in an innovative way.
"I had experienced the Virtual Assistant as a consumer and it really caught my eye. It is clear and concise in its delivery and you have the flexibility to make it really stand out from other marketing tools as it can be completely tailored to your requirements.”
Early customer feedback has been positive, she added.
  • The Virtual Assistants are already a common sight at a number of major airports in the UK and abroad, including at London Luton.
Tensator  has installed two VAs in London Heathrow’s Terminal 4 as part of the airport’s check-in and security process to inform passengers about acceptable liquids and other security processes.
Heathrow purchased the VAs following a six-month trial, which showed a reduction in bag rejections, meaning fewer delays through the security process.
Colin Sherwood, airport specialist at Tensator said: “Bags were being rejected at search areas because of non-compliant liquids. The VA helps make passengers aware of what they can take through security.
"Faster through-times at check-in means less stress for passengers who can now progress to duty-free and relax at the beginning of their journey.”
Heathrow is now considering adding two more VAs in 2014.
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