Cafe concessions up for offer as Parks Trust seeks tenders from operators

Jun 19, 2020

TEMPORARY cafes in the parks of Milton Keynes are set to open this summer to sustain the thousands of people using the green spaces.

The Parks Trust, which owns and manages Milton Keynes’ open space, is looking for a temporary cafe concession to operate in some parks to offer takeaway hot and cold drinks and snacks. 

A successful tender will have the chance to serve visitors on weekends and agreed weekdays, said a Parks Trust spokesman.

“Opportunities to trade include some of our most well-loved and visited parks like Campbell Park and Caldecotte Lake.  We would expect any successful concession to help the environment by using biodegradable and sustainable products and help welcome our park visitors by keeping the area clean and tidy. 

“We are looking for successful concession to trade as soon as possible for the next few weeks.”

Interested parties should read the request for tender documents and apply by email to by June 26.

Operator secures lease on Howe Park Wood cafe

Grounds Cafés has taken a lease of The Parks Trust’s café at Howe Park Wood. The café, which has been fully refurbished, reopens today (Friday June 19) for takeaways.

Grounds is a a small, family run company owned by Racheal and Kevin McIntyre. The business launched in 2001 with a single café at the back of a bike shop and the addition of Howe Park Wood is Grounds’ eighth site.

It will launch with a reduced menu and via a takeaway hatch to work within current restrictions of Covid-19.

Howe Park Wood: The Parks trust’s education and visitor centre.

The Parks Trust’s head of property Ben Allott said: “They are an excellent company with a solid reputation, and we know they will make the café a great success.  Howe Park Wood is a stunning location and we are really pleased to be able to provide an additional facility to enhance the experience for our visitors.”

Howe Park Wood is an ancient woodlands in the west of Milton Keynes close to the district of Westcroft. The woodland is teeming with wildlife and is often used by The Parks Trust to hold nature-inspired events and activities. Howe Park Wood is also home to The Parks Trust’s education and visitor centre. 

Grounds director Kevin McIntyre said: “Howe Park Wood is a really important site for The Parks Trust, it is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, so we manage it carefully for all to enjoy and ask that visitors respect the area, help keep it tidy and free from litter and enjoy the opportunity to now visit whilst enjoying all that the new café has to offer.”


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