Businesswoman serves up a lunchtime treat

Feb 26, 2013


She was the keynote speak at the group’s International Women’s Day event and told her audience of more than 70 how she was converted to sustainability while at school but only later fell in love with dark chocolate and launched the now world- famous brand.
Her inspiration was Body Shop founder Anita Roddick who was a champion of fair trade, Jo said. The name Green & Black came from a combination of the green ethics of the chocolate’s manufacturing process and the colour of the chocolate itself.
Her advice to businesswomen listening to her was that to run a successful show you need a microscope to look at the detail and telescope to see the bigger picture. She went on to say she believed practical and vocational education was important to help young people be ready for the workplace.
The International Women’s Day event was held at Shuttleworth College, Old Warden, and was sponsored by Bedford College.
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