Business must connect with society, says GSK chief executive

Mar 09, 2012


Speaking at the second annual Pears Business Schools Partnership lecture, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline’s chief executive officer Sir Andrew Witty made a powerful case for businesses to connect more strongly with society and its values and reap the business benefits of doing so.
The UK also needed to rebalance its economy, growing the private sector with a focus on manufacturing.
“If we want the next Apple to be British, businesses must engage on the values of the people they are trying to attract,” Sir Andrew (pictured) told his audience.
He delivered his lecture to an audience of more th
an 300 business leaders, academics and students at Cranfield School of Management. The speech was also broadcast to business schools in Denmark, Spain, Belgium, France and Brazil.
Sir Andrew urged business leaders to lead by example on corporate responsibility. By acting on their values, businesses had a stronger licence to operate, a more authoritative voice on key issues and promoted a longevity that sole focus on quarterly earnings did not.
He concluded: “One person can make a difference by accepting the responsibility of doing the best they can do, for the business and wider society.”
The Pears Business Schools Partnership is a collaboration between Cranfield School of Management, London Business School, Said Business School and Pears Foundation to promote sustainable responsible business in society by engaging and inspiring future leaders to make a positive difference.
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