Business leaders welcome new casino

Sep 26, 2013


MKBLP was a strong supporter of the bid by operator Aspers for the large casino licence over the past two years.
Business leaders welcomed Aspers’ commitment to assist the community, take on local unemployed workers and to work with Milton Keynes College to train staff, which to date, has proved very successful.
Casino MK general manager Nigel Hartland welcomed the guests and outlined the casino’s development to date since its opening earlier this month.
As part of the evening, the 50 guests were given complimentary betting chips. One lucky person, who chose to remain anonymous, won £70 which was donated to charity.
MKBLP chairman Philip Smith pictured said:  “It was a great opportunity for business to come along and see the extent of the new offering, which is not just about gaming.
"The casino has excellent facilities and is an ideal venue for business activities in the future.”
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