Business directory enters the social media age

May 31, 2014

MyM8te is the brain child of Andy Keech, who is behind some other well known brands across the city including City Apartments, City Office and City Lettings.

The concept behind is simple. “We all know when you’re looking for a tradesperson or a professional most people trust their mates or friends recommendations,” says Andy.

“The new website gives a central location where you can link up with your friends and family to give recommendations for tradespeople that you’ve used and rate.”

The website allows tradespeople to register or claim their profiles and then ask satisfied customers to log on and give feedback. Members of the public can then go on the site and search for plumbers, hairdressers, website designers and many more other traders and read real-time customer feedback all for free.

Once registered, the user can invite their own friends and family to join the site and connect with them, so they can all see each other’s recommendations, something that no other rating website does.

Andy says: “The recommendations on MyM8te come from two different sources; from customer feedback but more importantly from your own mates, friends and family, and that’s what makes us different.

“These are real recommendations that we can trust and not just random feedback from strangers we don’t know. And best of all it’s free, whether you’re a tradesperson or just looking for someone to get that job done.”

As the connections between you and your friends grow, when any user comes to search the site for a professional, not only will it return relevant businesses in the chosen search area, but also it shows users how they may already know some traders through their own network of friends within MyM8te. 

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