The Morewood Centre, in Wallis Way off Cambridge Road, Bedford, will be the company’s new distribution centre.

The building has been designed to offset up to 208 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Its other environmental features include solar panels for lighting, a water retention system to store rainwater, and a method of producing and storing ‘green’ power that could be sold back to the electricity grid if excess power is produced.

The warehouse, which is the size of two and a half football pitches and
could park more than 500 double-decker buses, will be the main distribution centre for all Wells and Young’s products. A spokesman said the move would reduce traffic around the brewery’s Havelock Street site and would allow the company to increase capacity to meet growing demand.

Wells and Young’s chairman Paul Wells said: “This is an incredibly
important step forward for Wells and Young’s as it means that we now have the distribution capabilities to match the brewing side.

“This site was the single biggest investment the company has ever made and it is therefore very important for the local community as it shows our commitment to keeping brewing in Bedford, which is an economic boost for the town.

“We were keen to make sure that the building was as ‘green’ as possible and the result is a distribution centre that includes a number of environmentally friendly features.”

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