Brewery loses trademark row with whisky distillery

Jul 10, 2018

Whisky company Irish Distillers Limited objected to the name Mideltone for the name of a lager that was created by Stonebridge-based Bucks Star Brewery to celebrate Milton Keynes’ 50th anniversary last year.
Irish Distillers is the company behind Jameson’s Whisky. Midleton is its premium brand with each bottle priced in excess of £130. 
Datis Gol, founder and head brewer of Bucks Star Brewery, was disappointed by the decision of the Intellectual Property Office. He said: “The IPO decided that our beer’s name was too close to the Irish Distillers’ trademark. While I understand that Irish Distillers are simply protecting their brand, I do not agree with the IPO’s decision. However, I will not be appealing it as we have more important objectives.”
Mr Gol is now considering whether to continue creating that particular style of beer, to rename it, or to continue using the name Mideltone. 
“The IPO’s decision does not mean that we cannot continue using the name; we simply cannot have the protection that we were applying for,” he said. “If we continue using the name, it is likely to form a wider legal dispute so this option seems to be the least likely at present.”
Mideltone Pils is a five per cent alcohol by volume lager that is brewed by the microbrewery in Twizel Close. It is one of four beers brewed by Bucks Star, which has introduced its innovative Growler Swap drinks service in a bid to encourage reuse and reduce the amount of impact that modern day consumption has on the environment, while making fresh artisan drinks more accessible to the wider public. 

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