Brewery is a toast to the city

Aug 29, 2007

Aptly named after the famous local landmark, The Concrete Cow Brewery is now producing real ale, made with traditional ingredients to Dan’s own recipes.

Although brewing is an ancient industry, the unit has been fitted out with modern brewing equipment. Mr Bonner, who decided on a radical career change after several years as a landscape gardener, said; “The business is classed as a micro-brewery, small beer but large enough to be commercially viable.””

He brews two different beers at a rate of 5.5 barrels a week – about 3,000 pints.

One, a mid-strength amber bitter with a spicy aroma, is called ‘Cock and Bull Story’ after the pubs in Stony Stratford. The second is ‘Midsummer Ale’, a pale thirst-quenching beer with citrus notes.

The Concrete Cow Brewery will be selling its cask beer to local pubs, and will also bottle its brews to sell at local events, beer festivals and Farmers’ Markets.

Mr Bonner secured the unit through agents Douglas Duff. Surveyor Graham Young said: “”The units at the Bradwell Abbey employment area are extremely versatile, ideal for people with the entrepreneurial spirit which thrives in Milton Keynes.””

Mr Bonner is pictured (right) with Mr Young.”

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