The new-look Cheers publication, which is circulated to almost 2,500 Carlsberg staff across the country, reflects how the company has changed in the current economic climate.
Carlsberg wanted to use Cheers as a valuable communication channel between it and its workers. Human resources development manager Lindsay Tilley said: ““A key objective of the new Cheers was to engage our staff and help them understand what role they have to play in our company’s strategy.
“In addition, we wanted to create more of a balance between company and employee news, widen the scope of the paper while keeping its lighter and engaging feel.”
Headlines editorial and creative manager Nick Purnell said: “Cheers had become a victim of its own success. It was originally created to engage with a particular section of the workforce who felt they we not being communicated with as well as they could be. Having successfully addressed this, other areas of the business subsequently felt that the spotlight had been taken off them.
“At the same time, the drinks industry is facing some real challenges. Competition is tough, pubs and clubs are closing at an astonishing rate, and people are spending less.”
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