BID wins official accreditation and support for its city centre improvement work

Nov 18, 2018

MyMiltonKeynes becomes the 27th BID to receive accreditation in the UK after coming through a thorough assessment of its governance, management and operations, financials, performance management, communication and reporting.
The BID has been working since its formation in June last year to deliver on the promises of its original Business Plan. Accreditation is an endorsement of the work the BID is doing to improve the city centre.
MyMiltonKeynes has released a video giving an overview of key achievements within the first year view here, and in addition you can also view the BID Annual Report – click here.
British BIDs chief executive Professor Christopher Turner said: “We are extremely pleased to have awarded MyMiltonKeynes BID accreditation. The in-depth process allows BIDs to step back and reevaluate how they are operating to make sure they are meeting the highest level of provision possible for the business community.
“Accreditation allows levy payers and stakeholders to have a high level of confidence in the BID team, which in turn gives reassurance in the ability to deliver positive change.”


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