BID ballot delivers new five-year term

Oct 27, 2019

Christina Rowe, BedfordBID’s director of operations

A BALLOT of businesses in the town centre has backed the renewal of the Bedford Business Improvement District for a further five years. 

Organisations of the required rateable value voted by 121 to 54 to continue the BID’s work.

It was one of the first in the UK when it was set up in 2005.  Now there are more than 300 Business Improvement Districts across the country.

BedfordBID director Christina Rowe said that, given the impact that on-line shopping, changing customer needs and expectations are having on town centres, government, investors and business leaders now recognise BIDs as the best way to keep UK town centres alive. 

“We are delighted to have secured another five years to deliver our Business Plan,” she added. “BedfordBID is committed to responding to the needs of the town centre businesses, in all sectors;  evening economy, retail, the professional & public sector, hospitality, food and drink, culture and heritage. 

“All these make up our town centre and all need to thrive in order for the town to benefit more widely.”

 The BID has repsonded to the needs of town centre businesses in order to tackle immediate issues and will continue to do so, she said. The BID has consulted its members and other town centre businesses over the past 18 months on how the town centre should move forward.

Ms Rowe said: “We have captured ambitions, ideas and aspirations to move Bedford forward in line with six priorities identified.BedfordBID will commit to putting safety, a welcoming environment and experience,  shaping change, being one business voice, delivering value, investing in place making and communicating and delivering events at the forefront of our ambitions.  

“We are delighted to be able to work with the town for the next five years. The result is a testament from businesses of all sizes, demonstrating that they are committed, feel supported and understand that this is great news for the town.”

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