Back to the land as recycling firm begins anniversary celebrations

Mar 17, 2022

COLLEAGUES and their families have taken part in a day’s tree planting to mark the start of the 75th anniversary year of recycling and waste management company Cawleys.

They are pictured at Houghton Ouse near Ampthill taking part in an initiative across the Forest of Marston Vale to plant five million trees across the lcao area.

Cawleys has committed to plant new trees for each new client – as a result, the team planted a total of 200 saplings before enjoying a celebratory lunch.

Cawleys, headquartered in Luton, is one of the town’s largest employers with more than 200 staff based at its headquarters in Luton. It also has sites in Milton Keynes and Wellingborough. It is now a third-generation family business, headed by Jon Cawley and his daughters Anna and Kate.  

Many other anniversary celebrations are planned for 2022, including charity events, a milestone video, new lorry and truck signboards, blogs, articles and award sponsorships.

Anna Cawley, communications and strategy director, said: “It is fantastic that we are able to start the celebrations for our milestone 75th anniversary in this way. The last few years have been a challenge and now that we are looking at bright future, the environment, and our impact on it, is more important than ever. 

“Planting trees for future generations and the local community is the perfect way to give back and start a legacy for our next 75 years.”

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