Artworks portray importance of links with education for employer

May 18, 2018

The artworks are the result of a project led by Opus’s early careers team working with the students and pupils from the tattoo and illustration courses at Moulton College and Northampton College.

A team of employees also assisted with creating a mural. As a thank you for their involvement, Opus Energy is donating £1,000 to each school, as well as to a charity chosen by the Opus Energy staff who participated.

The murals were unveiled by Opus Energy chief operating officer Nikki Flanders, with representatives, students and parents from the local schools in attendance.

  • Pictured: Nikki Flanders joins students at the ceremony.

Ms Flanders said: “We work closely with several local schools in Northampton, from running CV workshops to offering places in our apprenticeship programme, so to be able to collaborate on such a fun and creative project was a real joy for everyone.”

The murals were designed and created to depict the company’s four internal values: honesty, energised, achieving and together.

“Bringing our internal values to life with these murals is a great reminder of what our business stands for, helping drive us on to even more growth and success, which in turn we hope to reinvest in the local community,” said Ms Flanders.

Opus Energy has actively been engaging local schools such as Moulton College and Northampton College with its early careers programme, regularly running workshops to help students improve their employability skills and continuing the success of its apprenticeship programme, which has seen over 40 students complete since its inception in 2012.

Liz Etherington, art and design teacher at Northampton College, said: "Our students had a big canvas to unleash their creativity and it’s fantastic that the result will be a lasting visual asset that links the college to one of the area’s leading employers.”

Moulton College head of art Victoria Robson added: “Sixth form is an important time in a young adult’s life as their futures can be forged depending on what choices they make, so having mentors such as Opus Energy engaging them around their future career opportunities now is fantastic to see, as not all employers take such an active interest at this stage.”

The murals can be seen throughout Opus Energy House, situated in key areas by break rooms and the wellness room. The new headquarters brought all 700 Northampton team members under one roof, with capacity for 1,500 employees, signalling the company’s ambitious growth plans.  

Ms Flanders said: “Investing in the local community is incredibly important to us and the chance to work with young artists from the area has been great.

“Engaging schools about Opus Energy, our early careers programme and our apprenticeship scheme gives us the opportunity to inform future talent about our business.

“Northampton has been such a core part of Opus Energy’s history and success, so we want to reinvest in the area and give back where we can.” 

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