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How to increase your productivity tenfold

Artificial Intelligence is a new way to improve profitability and efficiency. Tony Byrne (pictured), managing director of Wealth & Tax Management, explains.

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BY NOW EVERYBODY reading this article must be aware of the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence or AI.  I myself have been using CHAT GPT to assist me with writing my many blogs and articles each month for the last six months.  I thought I was doing well until I came across a businessman who uses AI far more extensively than me.

He used AI to create a complete new website for his business within 24 hours and he isn’t particularly technologically savvy.  He also created a 44-page guide, including images and graphic design in a pdf, within two to three hours.  He has even hired four chat bots to answer all queries on his website.  They cost him £40 per month each.

He claims AI has increased his productivity tenfold. I have no reason to disbelieve him.

What I hadn’t realised was that there is far more to AI than meets the eye and it’s not just about CHAT GPT.  There are many useful AI apps out there and many of them are inexpensive and easy to use.  The things you can do with AI are extraordinary, even if you are running an SME-sized business.

Did you know you can create original images as well as written content?  You can even borrow the writing style of the greatest copywriters to produce brilliantly written original content and you are not plagiarising.  Copying a writing style does not constitute plagiarism and will not be identified by Google as such.

You can teach CHAP GPT about your business much like a member of staff.

If you use AI optimally, it is equivalent to employing a number of people in your business. It not only reduces your costs but it saves you time and makes your business more profitable.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

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