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Workers put loyalty and lifestyle above pay


The firm’s Career Lifestyle Survey, reveals that almost two out of three staff based in Milton Keynes like to stay with an employer for at least three years, compared to 55 per cent of those in the capital.
Milton Keynes employees are less money-motivated too, the survey found. Instead, a good work-life balance is what matters most.
Charles Ford, head of Robert Walters’ office in Central Milton Keynes, said: “As a general rule, we find people are more likely to pursue progression internally rather than seek opportunities externally – primarily because professionals in the region like to build a career with an employer and make a valuable long-term contribution to the business.
"This is further endorsed by the fact that few say their job satisfaction is determined by their compensation package.”
The survey found that 62% of Milton Keynes-based staff like to stay with each of their employers for at least three years, compared to 55% of individuals working in London.
However, only 34% of employees working in the city consider remuneration and benefits “very important” to their job satisfaction, compared to 46% of London workers.
Instead Milton Keynes professionals are more motivated by a good work-life balance, with 56% rating this as “very important” to their job satisfaction compared to 50% of workers based in London.
This is roughly in line with working hours in each of the locations, with people in Milton Keynes working an average of 44.1 hours per week, compared to 44.8 in London, said Mr Ford.
He added: “However, it is important to put these findings into context of a challenging economic environment, with many employees being more risk averse to changing jobs over the last four or five years.
"These trends might well change as the employment market continues to improve.”

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