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The future is looking Brite

The Britezone, launched last month by Cranfield-based wireless communication company Briteyellow, is a pilot service covering Midsummer Boulevard, between Grafton Gate and Saxon Gate.

The network provides a high-speed internet connection carrying email, images and internet telephony to anyone with wireless-enabled equipment. It is the first phase of a deployment which will extend inside thecentre:mk shopping area, along Midsummer Boulevard to Milton Keynes Central stations. The long-term plan is for the network to cover the entire city.

The Britezone network, which was 18 months in planning, is hosted on fixtures in the city such as road signs, walls, rooftops and lamp posts. Briteyellow managing director Fredi Nonyelu (pictured) said plans were already under way to develop the service with an “exciting new initiative” early next year.

He added: “The Milton Keynes business and residential community within the Britezone now have free access to one of the largest continuous areas of high speed wireless broadband connectivity in the UK.”

Grant Seeley, director of investment for Milton Keynes, said: “For companies looking at Milton Keynes as a business destination, this could be a valuable proposition. For our emerging café culture, it is also a great opportunity to network and easily link into information systems back at the office if needed.

“As time goes on and the roll-out progresses, we will do more research on how the service is being used and what the benefits are from a secure network that available on-the-move.”

Users can pick up the Britezone signal with wireless enabled devices by walking into the area and registering. An access code will be given to them immediately, which enables free connectivity to the internet.