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Fashion with a touch of kudos

Dean Anderson and Craig Vowles took a brave step two years ago to open a top class menswear store, right in the heart of the business district of Milton Keynes, in Upper 4th Street. Research had shown that time poor businessmen would welcome a personal shopping experience right on their doorstep. The success of the business to date has shown the findings to be correct.

The Craig Anderson Kudos card is a smart card that records points on every purchase made. Every £1 spent is equal to one point. A first transaction in excess of £50 at Craig Anderson Menswear will qualify you for application for a Kudos card.

For the first 300 points accumulated a £15.00 voucher will be earned, a £5.00 voucher will then be added for every further £100 spent. Vouchers will be distributed in advance of the Spring/Summer season in March and the Autumn /Winter season in September.

In November, Kudos cardholders will receive details of additional, fantastic loyalty benefits to enjoy wining, dining and fast cars.

Toasting their second anniversary in the store Craig Vowles said; “We both have careers dedicated to retail menswear and it was our ambition to bring great styling, from the top European and English fashion houses, together under one roof. We then wanted to provide a flexible high level of service, rarely found in the high street, and that is the area that sets us apart from any competition.

By appointment, we’ll open the store to suit the lifestyles of our regular customers and our buying trips will include special requests from customers and items we think will suit the style and taste of individuals. Two years have flown by and we’re delighted to launch Kudos at this pivotal point in our operation.”