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Charity appeals for more work

Foreign competition, including the trend among UK firms to outsource packing work to China, has created a shortage of work for peopple at MK SNAP, which provides work and life skills training to those aged over 16 with learning difficulties and other special needs.

Now MK SNAP’s operations director Ian Farmer has appealed to local businesses to place work with it.

The charity carries out work including assembly, packing and mailshot compilation for clients including catering equipment supplier Mechline and Aston Martin. It gives those whom the charity helps the opportunity to learn essential skills such as numeracy, manual dexterity and literacy.

Mr Farmer (pictured) said: “Because of our success, our numbers have increased. We now have around 30 poeple every day needing work to develop their individual skills. Add the fact that some firms have recently outsourced their packing work to China and we are facing a desperate need for work.”

The work gave MK SNAP clients a sense of purpose and an identification of their place in the working world, Mr Farmer added.

Mechline managing director Pete Sage-Passant, who outsources assembly work to MK SNAP, said: “MK SNAP provides a good reliable service, and the quality is excellent.”

Companies working with the charity also benefit economically through fulfilling corporate responsibility, and reducing disability discrimination. Mr Farmer is looking to build long-term relationships with companies throughout Milton Keynes and the surrounding region.

He said: “We are interested in partnerships, we do a good job at a good rate enabling companies to save money. We really value regular work so we can plan and structure our operation but are happy to handle one-offs and batch work.

“We would ask that any company before they call an agency, calls us first to see how we can help. To every company I would say that, by using MK SNAP, your work will really make a difference to the skills and the future of many individuals.”

For more information, contact Mr Farmer on Milton Keynes 262407 or email info@mksnap.org