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Biofuel: the driving force

Bioener G is is encouraging businesses to look more closely at switching to biofuels, biopetrol and biodiesel. It helps companies to access renewable energy sources and provides quality analysis equipment that will confirm the alternative fuel being used complies with EU regulations.

The firm, based at Bletchley Park, helps customers to find alternative fuel supplies and ensures that they can both buy and sell biofuels. Customer administer their sales via Bioener G’s new website, while the quality and origin of the fuels is monitored using mobile analysis systems.

Managing director Mark Simmons (pictured left with co-director Brian White) said: “The environment and climate change are key issues and should be at the top of the agenda, but even while we are talking about it the situation is getting worse to the point of no return.”

Using alternative energy reduced vehicle emissions and opened opportunities for individuals, local companies and regions, he added.

The firm, based at Bletchey Park, is working with motor racing driver Mark Hoskins, whose Backdraft Motorsport team plans to use bio ethanol fuel in its racing this year. The partnership aims to address issues associated by carbon neutral fuels, in particular fuel quality.

Mr Hoskins said: “It is going to take some careful development to ensure that the race car stays reliable using bio ethanol.”

Backdraft is to compete in the VAG Saloon series, Dunlop Track and Race Car championship and Britcar. Mr Hoskins also want to compete in the Silverstone 24-hour race in September if the organisers give permission for him to fuel his car with bio- ethanol. “The race will go along way towards proving that bio ethanol is a serious alternative,” he said.

Mr Simmons said that the fragmented bio energy sector had made it difficult for manufacturers, suppliers and commercial users to enjoy the benefits of alternative fuel sources because of quality and availability issues. “”For years commercial customers have wanted to be greener and demonstrate this to the public,” he added.

“We will see less black smoke billowing out of larger vehicles over the coming months. Hauliers have been struggling to compete on price with cheaper bio diesel. By providing a mechanism which brings suppliers and customers together, and by having the analysis tools to provide quality assurance, we can offer them a level playing field across Europe.”