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Bletchley Park to host global AI safety summit

BLETCHLEY PARK is to host a global AI Safety Summit attended by governments, tech company bosses and academics from around the world.

The two-day event takes place on November 1-2 and is the first forum to consider safety measures to evaluate and monitor the most significant risks from Artificial Intelligence.

Delegates will discuss the dangers of AI, especially at the frontier of development, and how they can be mitigated through internationally coordinated action.

Preparations for the summit are already under way. Matt Clifford, chief executive of Entrepreneur First and chair of the Advanced Research and Invention Agency, and Jonathan Black, Heywood Fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford and former UK G7 and G20 Sherpa and deputy national security adviser have been appointed as the Prime Minister’s Representatives.

They are tasked with gathering leading AI nations and experts to ensure the summit provides a platform for countries to work together on further developing a shared approach to agree the safety measures needed to mitigate the risks of AI.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pictured left said: “The UK has long been home to the transformative technologies of the future, so there is no better place to host the first ever global AI safety summit than at Bletchley Park this November.

“To fully embrace the extraordinary opportunities of artificial intelligence, we must grip and tackle the risks to ensure it develops safely in the years ahead.

“With the combined strength of our international partners, thriving AI industry and expert academic community, we can secure the rapid international action we need for the safe and responsible development of AI around the world.”

Thames Valley Police are working on the policing plan for the event, which will include any road closures. The council will work closely with the police to support the summit and will provide guidance to local people and businesses about the impact of the event.

Iain Standen pictured right, chief executive of the Bletchley Park Trust, said: “Bletchley Park Trust is immensely privileged to have been chosen as the venue for the first major international summit on AI safety. It is fitting that the very spot where leading minds harnessed emerging technologies to influence the successful outcome of World War Two will, once again, be the crucible for international co-ordinated action.

“We are incredibly excited to be providing the stage for discussions on global safety standards, which will help everyone manage and monitor the risks of artificial intelligence.”

The roots of AI can be traced back to the leading minds who worked at Bletchley during the Second World War, with codebreakers Jack Good and Donald Michie among those who went on to write extensive works on the technology.

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart pictured left said: “I am absolutely delighted Bletchley Park has been announced as the location for the UK government’s AI Safety Summit. The home of the WW2 codebreakers and the location of early computer science development will welcome international governments, leading AI companies and experts in research for talks about the AI technology frontier.”


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