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Training bridges the skills gap in effective marketing analytics

HOW do you increase sales levels? How does the marketing mix work for you?

Organisations will at one time or another experience issues with sales or marketing. It is one of the core areas of operating a business, alongside information technology. Used efficiently, marketing and sales training can deliver significant business benefits.

And with the fast-moving world of technology it is even more important to ensure that employees are up to date with IT and how to use new software, social media and new sales and marketing tools. 

Consumers can no longer be reached through traditional communication channels alone and organisations are changing the way they target potential customers by being more specific in identifying potential leads through the use of analytics tools.

However there is a potential skills gap where marketers and sales people are not making efficient use of their analytical data.

This is where it is essential that sales and marketing professionals build on their basic knowledge of Excel and IT skills. Using intermediate or advanced IT courses will make sure individuals can analyse and better understand how their facts and figures can help increase their sales and engagement with existing and potential clients.

Therefore training in areas such as social media, marketing for beginners and essential selling skills are important for these individuals so that they can work more resourcefully and successfully together.

Business owners should also be aware of training and developing their own skills. In order to grow their business, they may either have to employ others with specialist knowledge or learn to develop these existing skills themselves.

By signing up to the Chamber’s IT, marketing and sales training courses business owners can operate more efficiently and save money in the long run.

It is important to create a learning culture in your business, so employees can sharpen their skills in order to stay on their ‘A’ game and progress in their professional fields.

Businesses ideally need to allocate a training budget and make learning resources available in order for their companies to progress as well as to ensure employees feel supported in their quest to enhance their skills. In the long run, everyone will benefit.

For more information on training and seminars, contact Linda Carter, training executive for Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce. e-mail training@chambermk.co.uk or visit www.chambermk.co.uk/training 

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