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Today’s working woman targets career success

Opportunities for career progression tops the list of most attractive employer traits for the female millennials – those born between 1980 and 1995 – with 41% of those beginning their career believing they can reach the top with their employer.

They want to work for an organisation with a strong record on diversity, equality and inclusion. But half of those surveyed in the UK say employers are too male-biased when considering internal promotions and two-thirds feel opportunities for career progression are not equal to all.

The findings come from a survey carried out by business advice giant PwC to mark International Women’s Day today (Sunday). A total 1,400 women were surveyed in the UK for the report The female millennial: A new era of talent.

Katie Warrington pictured, director and head of diversity at PwC in Milton Keynes and the South Midlands, said: “Our research shows that we are seeing a new era of female talent with ambitious and highly educated women entering the workforce in larger numbers than any previous generation. But this is not the only thing that has changed.

“They also enter the workforce with a different career mind-set. They are ambitious and are looking to progress but are conscious that not all employers will create the right environment for them to do this.”

She added: “Of course diversity goes beyond gender and increasing diversity at all levels is a key priority for PwC as we need our business and people to be relevant. If employers want to attract more than their fair share of this talented workforce, they need to show that they are taking diversity seriously.

“Not only is this the right thing to do, but to best serve our clients in a changing world we need to ensure we have sufficient difference and flexibility in our thinking.”

The international survey interviewed more than 8.750 respondents in 75 countries. 

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