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They are your greatest advocates, so invest in your staff


It is a well-known fact that a more satisfied employee is likely to stay longer and work harder for your company if you invest in them.

As your most valuable asset, investing in your workforce should be high on your priority list, showing them you believe in their potential and creating the strongest possible team.

Training is a powerful tool for your company. By developing the expertise and talent in the workforce, companies can benefit from improved competitiveness and increased profitability, market share and customer satisfaction, which in turn can lead to those magic words: business growth.

Whether it is to promote retention, recruit new staff or boost existing staff morale, the need for training is as great now as it has ever been.

According to the Chamber’s latest quarterly economic survey, 80% of manufacturing firms said their investment in training was consistent with the previous quarter or has increased. 

In the service sector, 86% of businesses reported that investment in training either increased or remained in line with the third quarter.

So employers also recognise the importance of having a workforce who know the latest regulations, trends and tricks of the trade.

We at the Milton Keynes Chamber recognise that need and now offer more than 40 different training courses, including 13 brand new courses for 2016-17.

For regulatory requirements, we have Health & Safety for the Small Business and Fire Warden courses.

Brush up on your Absence Management and Managing Change skills with our brand new training offering. It is vital to equip your managers with the necessary tools to ensure your team is well informed on internal issues, knows the appropriate procedures and chain of command and, therefore, creates a smooth system of operation.

Our new courses also cover the basics of How to Hold Difficult Conversations, Negotiating Skills, Conflict Management and Communi-cation Skills. This reinforces the importance of training individuals to deal with difficult customers and ensure their continued business with the company.

Customer dissatisfaction can be detrimental to businesses, especially if staff do not know how to handle difficult customers. Employees become disillusioned and feel unconfident in such situations and customers leave the company, disheartened.

In the new batch of course offerings you can also learn about:

  • Personal Development;
  • Project Management;
  • Google Analytics
  • Tips on Sales for Non-Sales Professionals;
  • Winning E-mail Marketing Strategies for Business Owners.

Our list of scheduled courses is not exhaustive. We understand that your training needs may be unique and we have bespoke cost-effective ways of meeting those with tailor-made training. Incorporating training that develops employees toward long-term career goals can also promote greater job satisfaction.

Your employees are your best advocates of your company. Make them feel valued, give them ammunition to positively promote and continually invest in them to ensure their optimum productivity. 

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