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Sponsors hail success of Engineering Your Future event

Some 200 young people went close up with robots and role models at the Engineering Your Future event hosted by technology forum Biztech at Milton Keynes College.

They saw at first hand exhibits from some of the most exciting engineering companies in Milton Keynes and beyond, including robots from industrial control and automation company Routeco, ABB Robotics and Starship Technologies, the developers of the world’s first delivery robots.

Routeco and Rockwell Automation, both with their UK headquarters in Milton Keynes, were the event’s main sponsors.

Routeco’s product marketing manager Darren Spearing said: “It was great to see that our robotics demonstration attracted enormous interest from the students and the engagement from the students are phenomenal. 

“We were so excited to discuss with students the opportunities available within Routeco for pursuing a career in process control and automation and how they can make a difference to their careers and the world by considering a future in engineering.

"It was fantastic to be able to demonstrate to young people the ability to work within our industry is truly a global transferable skill.”

The event’s keynote speaker was Zoe Laughlin, presenter of the BBC2 series Big Life Fix. Engineering is problem solving, she said, and described how she had been involved in developing a glove that provided motor control for a man whose hands were paralysed.

  • Pictured: Zoe Laughlin on stage at the Engineering your Future event.

It enabled his fingers to close and grip, allowing him to squeeze his wife’s hand for the first time.  

Louise Mifsud, a young engineer from McLaren Applied Technologies, told the event that engineering was open to people of all backgrounds. She works as a systems engineer, transferring technology from Formula 1 racing cars into all aspects of life.   

Mr Spearing said: “Engineering Your Future was an ideal event to develop the company’s local education contacts, speak to young engineers starting their careers and discuss the pace of engineering change.”

It also helped the company to develop closer links with Milton Keynes College and local universities ain order to promote the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths as career paths, he added.

Rockwell Automation’s channel sales manager Mark Daniels said: “We hope that the programme will reach its aim to encourage young people to research and follow their natural inclination to create and deliver solutions which change the world.”  

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