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Report hails ‘dynamic’ economy as job numbers triple

Independent think tank Centre for Cities’ study A Century of Cities reveals the enormous changes that have transformed Britain’s cities over the past 100 years and highlights why the modern era saw some flourish such as Milton Keynes, while others fell behind.

The report published this week states: “New town initiatives in the South gave rise to some of the best-performing cities today, such as… Milton Keynes, which was born in the 1960s and now boasts 150,000 jobs and one of the nation’s most dynamic local economies.”

In 1981, Milton Keynes had generated more than 53,000 jobs. Today there are more than 157,000 jobs created in the borough.

Milton Keynes Council head of corporate economic development and inward investment Pam Gosal said: “With thousands of growing local firms and one of the highest start-up rates in the country, it is clear why we are Britain’s most successful business city.”

Milton Keynes South MP Iain Stewart praised the borough’s business community for maintaining the “dynamic” Milton Keynes economy.

He added: “It is very clear that we have a fantastic business community in Milton Keynes. Every week I visit businesses who are becoming more confident and excited for the future. That is why it so important we continue to encourage businesses to come to Milton Keynes and help those individuals who want to start their own enterprise.”

Centre for Cities’ acting chief executive Andrew Carter said:

A Century of Cities offers a unique opportunity to make sense of the long-term factors behind the two-tier urban economy of progress and decline that we see in Britain today.

“But it is also a positive and constructive lesson of how, in the face of enormous changes, targeted investment, strong leadership and an appetite for transformation can help cities to reach unprecedented heights of economic strength.”

Cllr Matthew Clifton, Milton Keynes Council cabinet member responsible for economic development ,said: “I am delighted that Milton Keynes is continuing to be recognised nationally and internationally as a dynamic place to do business and to work.

“That is why we continue to attract many new companies and can offer a high number of skilled workers to meet the recruitment needs of those businesses.” 

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