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MPs send MK50 commemorative stamps gift to Downing Street

The PM is set to receive a pack of limited edition MK50 stamps produced by Milton Keynes locals John Chapman, a former post-master at Bletchley Park Post Office, and Simon Goodger, a well-known creative designer.

In a letter addressed to 10 Downing Street the MPs write: “Milton Keynes continues to be one of Britain’s fastest-growing cities.

"It has produced exceptional talent, including London 2012 Olympic gold medalist Greg Rutherford; established the Open University in 1969, making higher education more accessible to everyone, regardless of geography and it is the centre for transport technology in England, as the home of the Transport Systems Catapult, with the first trials of driverless cars taking place on Milton Keynes’ streets.”

They add: “As we celebrate 50 years of Milton Keynes we would like to present you with a memento of the most successful, ambitious, diverse, tolerant, determined and hardworking city (well it should be! [have city status]) in the UK.”

The Prime Minister will receive a set of stamps that depict The Whisper by André Wallace which sits outside the library in Central Milton Keynes.

The MPs have also extended an invitation to the PM to visit and join the 50th celebrations later in the year.

There are range of four commemorative stamps to celebrate Milton Keynes 50th birthday and the city’s public art. Licenced by the Royal Mail, the stamps show the famous Concrete Cows by artist Liz Leyh, the regularly passed-by sculpture, O Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast by Ronald Rae at Station Square, the memorable The Whispers bronze statue perched outside Milton Keynes’ Central Library, and lastly Willen Lake’s Peace Pagoda, the first to be built in the Western World.

If you are interested in purchasing the MK50 stamps contact John Chapman at chapdjman@gmail.com 

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