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Have your say: firms urged to vote in Business Neighbourhood Plan referendum

The plan’s author the CMK Alliance is calling on businesses to have their say on the plan, which outlines a vision for the future of the city centre.

If approved in the referendum on May 7, the plan will form a key part of the planning guidance for the area between Milton Keynes Central railway station, Campbell Park, H5 Portway and H6 Childs Way.

It will ensure that new developments are built in line with the needs and wishes of local businesses and residents.

Voting takes place on the same day as voters go to the polls in the General Election, local elections and in a separate referendum on the Residential Neighbourhood Plan.

Business ratepayers based anywhere in the borough are eligible to vote in the referendum. but those wishing to do so must register with Milton Keynes Council by 5pm on April 21.

To register, e-mail elections@milton-keynes.gov.uk or telephone the council on 01908 252529.

The Neighbourhood Plan outlines proposals for Milton Keynes to:

  • Build more offices to attract jobs
  • Improve and increase parking
  • Reserve key sites for an expanding university and a prestigious national headquarters building
  • Expand and diversify its retail offer
  • Build around 5,000 new homes
  • Enhance the cultural, sporting and social life through new facilities.

CMK Alliance chairman Paul Hunt, head of branch at John Lewis and chair of thecentre:mk’s Retailers Association, said: “We want Milton Keynes to be a powerful regional centre of excellence. This plan will help to achieve that.”

He was speaking at a forum hosted by central Milton Keynes Town Council and the Alliance to highlight the need for businesses to have their say at the ballot box.

Alliance member Clive Faine, managing director of Abbeygate Developments, said: “This is a plan prepared by business for business but engaging with the wider community. It is flexible and that is to be admired.

“We want to create a place of distinction that is admired worldwide, building on our first 50 years of success. Milton Keynes is suffering the first pains of middle age – the plan will help to focus on what needs to be done to move the city to the next level.”

Forum chair Philip Smith, chairman of Milton Keynes Business Council, issued an urgent appeal to businesses to take part in the vote.

“We encourage businesses to participate to show that they have a real interest in Milton Keynes and a real interest in the future of their business,” he said.

“Businesses have to look after their own interests but the environment in which they operate is a key consideration.”  

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