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Gigabit connectivity programme to accelerate across city

As part of CityFibre’s ‘fibre to the premises’ project, the network has doubled to over 350km since March last year.

Through a strategic partnership with Vodafone, CityFibre has built in Bancroft, Blue Bridge, Bradville, Great Linford, Willen, Bletchley and Fenny Stratford, and will be accelerating across the city to build to almost every home and business.

CityFibre has made the build possible through a private investment of more than £40 million. In addition to building the full fibre network – which is expected to complete by the end of 2020 – CityFibre has opened a new state-of-the-art office in Milton Keynes and intends to bring its Engineering Centre of Excellence to the city.

Full fibre broadband will bring a range of benefits to Milton Keynes, from greater innovation and productivity within businesses – worth £62 million, according to specialist economic development and regeneration consultancy Regeneris – to unlocking the use of smart tech within households and increasing the value of local homes by £119 million.

It will underpin the city’s economic growth, supporting a range of new business ventures due to launch in the next few years including three new hotels, apartments and the Institute of Technology.

“Milton Keynes is a growing city and full fibre is going to play a vital role in underpinning that expansion,” said Jean Gowin, CityFibre’s city development manager in Milton Keynes.

”We are so proud of what has been achieved over the past year and it is fantastic to see so many homes within reach of full fibre.

“2019 will be a huge year for the city and I cannot wait to see the difference made by improved digital connectivity.”

Milton Keynes Council leader Pete Marland added: “Full fibre is going to play a huge role in Milton Keynes, both now and for generations to come.

“It will give our businesses the digital firepower they need to compete on a global stage, while ensuring our households and local services can reap the benefits of gigabit-capable broadband and the innovations it can support.

“The council has been working closely with CityFibre on this project and it is fantastic to see it gathering momentum and reaching so many communities at such an impressive pace.” 

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