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Directors put election on the menu


As part of its special ‘Briefings’ for members, the IoD Milton Keynes branch invited the MP for Milton Keynes North East to a ‘Pizza & Politics’ evening, held at the National Badminton Centre, to talk about his views on the importance of business in the forthcoming election.
Mr Lancaster (pictured) said: “There is a fundamental understanding on my side of the House that the only way we will get out of this recession, apart from genuinely reducing the deficit, is through economic growth. But it will be delivered by the private sector, not the public sector.
“Politicians don’t create wealth but they are the right people to make sure that all the tools are there for you to create it.”
Mr Lancaster said that the government has a key role in making sure Britain is competitive. He said: “We need to adjust our own framework to ensure Britain is the right place to be competitive. We are faced with inward investment dropping and our competitiveness has fallen, so we have to look very carefully and ensure that through deregulation this country is a good place to start a business and a great place to invest.
“The level of regulation is awful. We used to be sixth in the world for ease of starting a business – now we are 17th. If we want to create wealth we have to find ways for people to be brave and start their business. Encouraging the private sector to be brave will generate wealth.”
IoD branch chairman Jonathan Bailey said: “I’m delighted that we could catch Mark before he becomes immersed in the election. His personal insight into the issues we face as business people is extremely valuable.”
The IoD hosts another ‘Pizza & Politics’ event on April 26 when Dr Phyllis Starkey, Labour MP for Milton Keynes South West, will outline her views on the role of business and the government’s plans.

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