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Businesses take up the City Challenge

The city has been chosen to host the City Challenge, described as “the ultimate one-day team adventure”.

The event, which takes place on April 21, has attracted 70 company teams to take part.

Teams will face challenges including kayaking, code breaking, cycling, running and strategy tests.

Each stage is strategically constructed to hone skills and behaviour that will transfer with potent effect back to the office: from incisive analysis to ultimate endurance.

The City Challenge is one leg of The Intelligent Sport® World Series; the world’s fastest-growing team development event. The champions of the City Challenge will earn the opportunity to face the best corporate teams from around the globe in The Intelligent Sport® World Series climax: The World Team Challenge.

Former Labour press secretary Alastair Campbell is among the competitors in his capacity as chairman of fund-raising for the charity Leukaemia Research, which will benefit from the City Challenge.

Mr Campbell said: “I really think that the City Challenge is a new and exciting alternative, allowing for both mental and physical fitness as well as team motivation and development, that’s one of the reasons for me taking part.”

The event will bring some of the UK’s leading business personnel to the area and its locations have been staged to showcase some of the city’s most appealing attributes.

Grant Seeley (pictured), director of investment at Milton Keynes Partnership, said: “We’re delighted to welcome the City Challenge 2007 to Milton Keynes. While the competitors use our famous redway cycle routes to navigate between tasks they’ll discover that Milton Keynes is a modern, green and vibrant city. “

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