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A Christmas tree that stands out from the crowd…

Standing at 30 metres high, the Nifty Christmas Tree is one of the tallest structures in Milton Keynes and with Shenley Wood being one of the highest natural locations, can be seen from sites all around the city.

The ‘tree’ comprises three of Niftylift’s Height Rider 28 Hybrid work platforms that have been wrapped in Christmas lights. Each machine took seven hours to wrap and is covered in 1920 White LED lights.

The ‘star’ is a custom-made structure, designed in-house and fabricated by Border Engineering, which also fabricates the steelwork on Niftylift cages.

The star took five hours to wrap the with 900 green LED lights, that are held in place by 25 ‘end caps’, also designed in-house and produced using a Niftylift 3D printer.

The tree and star total more than 6,600 lights which really help it to shine bright against the Milton Keynes skyline.

Niftylift chairman Roger Bowden said: “Niftylift has been in Milton Keynes for more than 30 years and we have grown to become a successful and sustainable British manufacturing company, offering many new employment opportunities to the area.

“We remain committed to playing an active role within this wonderful community.”

The Nifty Christmas Tree made its debut in 2016, the aim of it being to produce something that Niftylift employees and the local community could enjoy, in a uniquely ‘Niftylift’ way, Mr Bowden added.

It proved to be a great success, with universally positive feedback from employees and neighbours, leading to Niftylift’s decision to repeat the display in 2017.

To find out more about the Nifty Christmas Tree you can find a video telling the story behind it on Niftylift’s YouTube channel 


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