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Workforce diversity makes a huge difference, says engineer

She is also among a new breed of modern engineers who are shaping our future, and she will be inspiring more people to follow in her footsteps. 

Louise, a systems engineer at McLaren Applied Technologies, will be speaking at the  Engineering Your Future event organised by local technology forum Biztech at Milton Keynes College on October 25.

Diversity in the workforce helps to make a difference, she says.

“Engineering is a team-based effort. It is such a multi-faceted, varied profession that having people from any background, race, and gender not only generates new ideas but we can lead this vision to drive change.

“This is why diversity is so important. I believe that together we can make a difference.” 

Louise holds a degree in mechanical engineering and specialised in the structural and thermofluids stream at the University of Malta.

She was accepted for a podium presentation at the European Society of Biomechanics Congress in Seville in July last year and was awarded the Institution of Mechanical Engineers conference grant under the Thomas Andrew Common Grants scheme, where she presented the work carried out in her undergraduate dissertation. 

Due to her passion for both biology and mathematics, Louise was later awarded a scholarship by the Ministry of Education and Employment in Malta. 

She moved to the UK to read for a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering specialising in Biomechanics at Imperial College London. 

It was here that she then applied for a graduate role at McLaren Applied Technologies.

Biztech director Paul Clarke said: “We are delighted that Louise can join us for Engineering Your Future. Her presentation will focus on how engineering is one whole big adventure and we’re sure it will inspire school students to see engineering in a new light.” ?

?Zoe Laughlin, from BBC2’s Big Life Fix, will be providing the keynote address during the Engineering Your Future event, when attendees will be able to meet engineers and find out that such careers are rewarding and fulfilling.???

To book your place and for more information on Engineering Your Future visit http://biztech.org.uk/engineering-your-future-event

‘Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could inspire someone to change the world?’

The event has the backing of major Milton Keynes engineering-centred company Routeco.

The company supplies industrial and automation products from its UK headquarters in Knowlhill, and employs 250 people around the country. They supply their customers with the very best industrial control and automation products.  

Chief operating officer Dave Amps said: “It is now widely recognised that the sector is facing a skills crisis like never before, and measures need to be taken to help leaders of the engineering industry fill the jobs that are integral to the field. 

“It is well known that not enough young people – especially young women – believe a career in engineering is relevant to them.”  

Biztech is delighted to have secured the support of Routeco as the government’s 2018 Year of Engineering campaign nears its close. Mr Clarke said: “Routeco people are at the epicentre of engineering in the UK and because of this they very much have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in engineering.

“We are sure that students, and older people looking to change their careers to be involved in engineering, will be inspired by the event and Routeco’s part in it.”  

Mr Amps added: “Here at Routeco, we know that young people are missing an opportunity to make a positive difference to their careers and to the world by considering a future in engineering.  

“Routeco is a successful, forward-looking company and this is an issue that no one in the industry can ignore. This is why we are delighted to join Biztech in inspiring the next generation of engineers.  

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